Three tools have been developed to facilitate and improve the quality of the mobility experience

  • A user-friendly online search tool has been developed to help graduate students in Applied Plant Sciences choose the Erasmus+ courses best adapted to their needs. They can take their pick from a vast range of courses available at the project’s 7 European partners. This tool required deep discussions between the partners, (i) to know each other and the curricula offered by each of them, and then (ii) to choose common vocabulary to describe the courses and to present them for a easy use and an exhaustive presentation for students.

We strongly hope that it will then be extended to a broader community of European universities, sharing the same quality standards, with the same goal: facilitate student mobility in choosing the most well adapted curricula to their academic and professional expectations.

  • A Quality Label Certification for the courses delivered by the partners in a framework of Erasmus+ mobility. Partners intend to ensure consistently high standards in their curricula. Deep and frequent discussions (workshops) were organized between the partners to define this quality label and its modality for the courses offered by the partners. For this, a document has been prepared, presenting procedures and standards of the quality label on Applied Plant Sciences. It includes assessment procedures, generic criteria based on the European Standards and guidelines for quality assurance, as well as subject specific criteria: learning outcomes for Applied Plant Sciences, as an original outcome of the network’s brainstorming.

If you are interested in joining this initiative, please send an email to the  project coordinator

  • The communication supports of specific information on course offers within ESCAPAdE network and outside can also facilitate students’ mobilities.

Information gathered on curricula in Applied Plant Sciences has been synthesized as a for ESCAPAdE project.

Individual posters presenting main courses offered to Erasmus mobilities within our network were elaborated. Standard presentation were discussed and adopted, in order to define the main key items. These posters are used in the mobility fairs of each partner university and can be used by any other university.

Feel free to print them and post them on walls of your international relation offices!