Stakeholders’ view on student’s skills

Some project partners accepted to give us some answers on the following questions:

1/ Who are you and what is your company about?

2/ Do you host students in your company?

3/ What are the qualities that you expect from students and future collaborators?

4/ What is the importance of academic skills for students in your company?

This gives us an overview of professional needs in different sectors of Applied Plant Sciences, including transversal ones.


Academics’ view on ESCAPAdE results

They gives us his feedback on this teaching experience and what could be done next.

Hermann Buesrtmayr, professor in BOKU university (Austria)

Erik Alexandersson, teaching in SLU (Alnarp, Sweden)

Elsa Ballini, assistant professor in Institut Agro (France)

Loup Rimbaud, researcher from INRAe

(associate partner of ESCAPAdE)

PhD fellows’ view on their teaching experience during ESCAPAdE summer school 2021

Young researchers have been involved as teachers during Alnarp summer school, tutoring “project-based teaching” activities related to their research activities. They give us their feedback on this experience.

Student’s views on ESCAPAdE summer school 2021


During Alnarp summer school we asked some students to give us their feedback on this experience. It seems that they all enjoyed it!