2nd Progress Meeting

26 August 2019

ESCAPAdE’s 2nd Progress Meeting will be kindly organised and held at DUTH in Greece on October 2nd and 3rd, 2019. The agenda is getting fuller by the minute and lots should be discussed during the meeting: innovative pedagogies to be tested during the 2020 Summer School; quality assurance and certification; brainstorming for collaborative writing of a white paper on ‘stakeholders needs and requirements – opinion on curricula’, and that’s only a sample!

1st Progress Meeting

9 April 2019

ESCAPAdE’s 1st Progress Meeting was held online. The project manager was a little worried beforehand: Would the conference call platform work properly? To her relief, technology kept its promises, and the 3-hour Progress Meeting went perfectly smoothly: the progress made in each Work Package was reported and discussions for future steps proved fruitful. So far, so good.  

Kick-Off meeting

21 November 2018

Kick-Off meeting

ESCAPAdE’s kick-off meeting was hosted in Montpellier: Representatives of all 7 partners involved in ESCAPAdE got together at Montpellier SupAgro for a three-day work session. Activities were launched, and administrative and financial rules were made clear to everyone. The participants also got to choose the project’s logo. ESCAPAdE was on the right track from the start!