A core group of 22 professionals (ranging from seed and plant protection companies, seed sellers, research groups, to farmers’ and consumers’ associations and international organizations involved in biodiversity conservation) have agreed to work with ESCAPAdE from the start. Here is how they will contribute:

– ESCAPAdE wants to improve the courses its 7 universities offer. What better way of doing so than by asking those who hire Applied Plant Scientists and engineers? What skills would they like their future staff members to have? You will read about this in October 2019 when we are done with a big survey sent to seed sellers, biocontrol companies, the agrochemical industry, institutions and NGOs throughout Europe.

-Students participating in the 2 ESCAPAdE Summer Schools will benefit from training by professionals on top of regular teachers: this will be a great addition and will make for the Summers School’s very comprehensive programmes.

So a warm “Thank you” to our Associated Partners!

Discover them below.