Summer Schools

2 Summer Schools will be organized on cutting-edge developments in Applied Plant Sciences. We will be using innovative ideas to reinvent teaching methods and make the classes more interesting. We will also ask professionals (seed sellers, crop management companies, biocontrol industry, amongst others) to take part in the Summer Schools and provide training too.

The 1st Summer School will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, in July 2020, while the 2nd Summer School will be held in Alnarp, Sweden, during summer 2021.

Job Fair

We are working together to help our students find job opportunities. We will organise a Job Fair so that students get the opportunity for conversations with and insight from potential employers. Date and location: in the wake of ESCAPAdE’s 2nd Summer School, 2021 in Alnarp, Sweden.

Meanwhile, associated partners will have the opportunity to post internship offers within the network.