Plant breeding – Genetics

Dr Rodomiro ORTIZ

Professor – Sweden

Department of Plant Breeding


Växtförädling, Box 101

230 53 ALNARP




My activities focus on basic, strategic and applied research in crop improvement. I have a strong interest in:

  • self- and cross-pollinated species, which have disomic, trisomic, tetrasomic and hexasomic  inheritance, sexual and vegetative propagation, plus annual and perennial production.
  • breeding efforts that concentrated on the utilization of exotic germplasm for the development of elite progenitors and cultivars adapted to the environmental conditions in which they would be grown.
  • in quantitative and population genetics, especially for germplasm conservation and genetic enhancement, and for the improvement of current breeding techniques.

Another important area of my research was to evaluate the types of gene action for economically important traits and techniques to improve breeding efficiency.


I work as Chair Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Holding both BSc-Biology and MSc-Plant Breeding & Statistics from the UNALM (National Agricultural University of Peru), and a PhD-Plant Breeding & Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), my responsabilities include teaching on all levels in plant breeding, biotechnology and genetic resources (with special emphasis on agricultural crops).

Selected publications

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