Plant Molecular Genetics – Plant Breeding

Dr Soledad Sacristán

ORCID: 0000-0003-4369-1078

Associate Professor – SPAIN

Department of Biotechnology and Plant Biology – ETSIAABTechnical University of Madrid (UPM)


Campus Ciudad Universitaria
Av. Puerta de Hierro, nº 2 – 4
28040 Madrid



Since 2006, I am a member of the ”Plant Breeding Group” of the Universidad Polítécnica de Madrid. The group focus its research on breeding of cereal crops, especially wheat. The group includes researchers with extended experience in cereal breeding for functional quality, cereal cytogenetics, and molecular biology and cereal products. Such interdisciplinary team facilitates the development of projects including a wide range of experimental approaches, such as field experiments, chemical analysis, molecular analysis and quality tests. My research is focus on the genetic basis of quality traits in wheat, the development of molecular markers for breeding, and the use of molecular markers in assessing the genetic variability in diverse cereal species.


  • Responsability of:
    • Molecular Genetics and gene expression regulation
    • Biotechnology and Plant breeding
  • Delivering lectures and diverse teaching activities in:
    • Genetics
    • Molecular Genetics and gene expression regulation
    • Biotechnology and Plant breeding
  • Involvement in “ESCAPAdE” (EraSmus Curricula in Applied PlAnt SciEnce)

Selected publications

    1. Giraldo P., Benavente E., Manzano F., Giménez E., 2019. Worldwide Research Trends on Wheat and Barley: A Bibliometric Comparative Analysis. Agronomy9 (7): 352.
    2. Ruiz M., Bernal G., Giraldo P., 2018. An update of low molecular weight glutenin subunits in durum wheat relevant to breeding for quality. Journal of Cereal Science 83: 236-244.
    3. Ruiz M., Giraldo P., González J.M., 2018. Phenotypic variation in root architecture traits and their relationship with eco-geographical and agronomical features in a core collection of tetraploid wheat landraces (triticum turgidum L.). Euphytica, 214 (3): 54.
    4. Giraldo P., Ruiz M., Rodriguez-Quijano M., Benavente E., 2016. Development and validation of chloroplast DNA markers to assist Aegilops geniculata and Aegilops neglecta germplasm management. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 63:401-407.
    5. Giraldo P., Royo C., Gonzalez M., Carrillo J.M., Ruiz M., 2016. Genetic diversity and association mapping for agromorphological and quality traits of a structured collection of durum wheat landraces including subs. durum, turgidum and dicocconPLoSONE 11(11):24p.